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週年祝文及選讀經課(丙年) Lectionary Text Year C

First Sunday of ADVENT
Second Sunday of ADVENT
Third Sunday of ADVENT
Fourth Sunday of ADVENT

Christmas Day - Proper I
Christmas Day - Proper II
Christmas Day - Proper III
Jan 01 - Holy Name of Our Lord Jesus Christ
First Sunday after Christmas Day
Second Sunday after Christmas Day


The Epiphany of Our Lord Jesus Christ
First Sunday after Epiphany
Second Sunday after Epiphany
Third Sunday after Epiphany
Fourth Sunday after Epiphany
Fifth Sunday after Epiphany
Sixth Sunday after Epiphany
Seventh Sunday after Epiphany
Eighth Sunday after Epiphany
Last Sunday after Epiphany

Ash Wednesday
First Sunday in Lent
Second Sunday in Lent
Third Sunday in Lent
Fourth Sunday in Lent
Fifth Sunday in Lent
Sunday of the Passion-Palm Sunday
Easter Day
Second Sunday of Easter
Third Sunday of Easter
Fourth Sunday of Easter
Fifth Sunday of Easter
Sixth Sunday of Easter
Seventh Sunday of Easter

Day of Pentecost
Trinity Sunday
Proper 4
Proper 5

Proper 6
Proper 7
Proper 8
Proper 9
Proper 10
Proper 11
Proper 12
Proper 13
Proper 14
Proper 15
Proper 16
Proper 17
Proper 18
Proper 19
Proper 20
Proper 21
Proper 22
Proper 23
Proper 24
Proper 25
Proper 26
Proper 27
Proper 28
Proper 29